Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My hair.

Every other day I get asked questions about my hair. How I manage to get it they way it is and style it the way I do. 1st things 1st- PRACTICE!! learn your hair. Everyones hair is different and may need to use their tools differently and for a different time amount as well as use different products. Get comfortable with knowing how long your curls typically stay bouncy or how long your hair can stay straight throughout the day. Secondly, research. I YouTube all day everyday. You may not be able to use the same exact techniques but once you know the fundamentals you can tweak it so it works for your hair. Last but not least experiment. My suggestion is at nighttime. At the end of the day is always better but you get a better judgement on how long you hair is gonna stay in place for and you get to really examine whether it looks awesome or not.

My Looks
My beachy wave look-
I change my hair length every few weeks especially with my bangs. My bangs were about to the bottom of the tip of my nose. I used a medium size round brush and brushed it up with a blow dryer. I took the brush and placed it on top of my bangs and curled it over not under. Works perfectly for side swept bangs.
With the rest of my hair, I used a very small amount of hair glue to each section of my hair intended to cul indivdually. I applied to only the middle to the end part of my curl. Do not place on the roots since you will not be curling the root. I then used a curling iron (2 inch barrel) I do not have specific way of curling with the iron, whichever best for you.

 My Bohemian look-
i know its hard to tell how the bottom of my hair looks since its blended in with my shirt. This will probably be the only time you will see my hair parted in the middle in not on the side. My bangs are probably the foucs of this look ( as always) but i'll get to that in a second. I think its best you know that I cut my own hair. I know how I want my layers and how they work will when I dont want my hair straight.  With that being said, I stragetically placed my layers so that when I just curled the ends they give my hair a full bouncy look. Thats it guys, All i did is curl my ends. if you dont have layers this will not work for you. I originally started in trying to create side bangs. I seperated my bangs and curl the ends with my 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron. I then slowly seperated my bangs to each side until i felt comfortable with the part in my hair. I then used a small round brush and brush the curl away from the part. The only product I used was hairpray at the very end. Remember never have the hairspray within an inch of your head. Its suppose to create a mist over the piece of hair or your head. If you spray too close it will dry up clumpy and flakey.

Loose curlers-
My hair at this time was up to the middle of my back ( I know pretty long) I didnt have many layers in my hair at this time just at the ends in where they were growing out. I used a Chi Straightner you can get at any hair beauty supply store. For tight curls I used smaller sectionsof hair but if you have thin hair who wouldnt have to use smaller sections. I curl my hair bottom up, so I divide the bottom part of my head and pin the top whiling working my way up. With each section of hair, I place the straightner at the top and pull it down to about the middle of my hair ( or however long you want the curl) I then direct the straighter toward me and flip the hair coming out the other end of the straightner toward me. Then I slowly rotate the straightner toward me while sliding it down through the rest of my hair. Toward the end I usually have it placed horizontally and kinda of using it like a curlng iron. This is my BEST description but guys its really hard to describe. =)  Im going to post some youtube links that show this technique for those who are visual.

The Farrah look-

So Since the last picture My hair was chopped off a few inches of hair and wayyyyy more layers. For this look I did exactly what I did in the last picture except I started curling my hair almost from the root of my hair vs. the middle. With my bangs I parted it to the side, used a small round brush and curled it upwards. (Toward the sky!) Make sure the brush is tight around your hair so you can get the real 70's Farrah Fawcett Look. Always hairspray at the end. =)

My Favorite Youtube tutorial pages for hair:

Comfort is style

I know where your first thought is headed with this headline and its not the most obvious answer or maybe it is but its never really talked about. Anyone can curl their hair, master the art of makeup or buy the most beautiful dress in season but what many find hard is being comfortable in their own skin. I love fashion and anything that has to do with it but i find myself struggling over and over again with being comfortable with myself. The most gorgeous ensemble you can find that's in all seasons is confidence. Its becoming more and more under-rated with how materialistic our world and generation has become. This I am in need of working on with myself. So I'm starting with a one month plan which I hope to eventually turn into a lifestyle, One step at a time.
  • Gym at least 4x a week. No excuses.
  • If resorted to each fast food, must pick the healthiest option on the menu.
  • Washing my face EVERY night, tired or not
  • Set up appointments to dermatologist and doctors. Health should always take a front seat in my life. ( Yet, its the 4th thing on my list.)
  • Prioritizing whats important in my life
  • Treatments on my hair from all the stress it has endured from heat and dye
  • Dying my hair dark brown and leaving it that way for a couple of months. Let my natural color surface.
Let the journey begin.....