Friday, August 19, 2011

Sorry for M.I.A

Ive been busy between working, visiting NYC and dealing with some personal issues. Ive been really thinking outside of the box when it comes to my style of clothes so in time I will post pictures. In addition my job has been starting theme weekends in which we need to dress up for. Hope everyone is well and I cant wait to see what you guys have been updating with your blogs.

xoxo Jen Jen

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Kim kardashian-ish look

Obviously Im not comparing myself to Kim herself. This is a new look for me. Normally I dont wear my hair parted in the middle or rock a smokey eye.

I Bought new nail polish and im so excited.

 The one above is Nail art.  Sinful colors brand, color is called- Me First
The one above is the same brand called lets meet.
They only cost $1.99 in walgreens. I change my nail color so often that I dont even invest a lot of money into nailpolishes. I'll update with a picture tonight =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day to Night

Here are some examples on how you can turn a day outfit into a night out on the town appropriate.

Lace tank ($8), floral sandals ($12), and blue bodycon skirt ($10) are from Ross. Clutch ($2) is from the thrift store.
Total: $32.00

Black Lace long sleeve shirt is from Forever 21 ($13.50), Shoes is from T.J. Maxx ($25)  faux pearls ($6)are from body central and blue bodycon skirt ($10) is from Ross
Total: $54.50

Tank top ($8) is from Forever 21, Shorts ($12) are from Ross, Sandals ($12) are from Charlotte Russe and Bag ($15) is from H&M.
Total: $47
Shirt ($5) sale rack at Charlotte Russe, Shoes ($20) are also from Charlotte Russe, Shorts ($12) are from Ross and Clutch ($2) is from the thrift store.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I appreciate all the comments but I dont know how to respond back. Whats the best way?