Friday, August 19, 2011

Sorry for M.I.A

Ive been busy between working, visiting NYC and dealing with some personal issues. Ive been really thinking outside of the box when it comes to my style of clothes so in time I will post pictures. In addition my job has been starting theme weekends in which we need to dress up for. Hope everyone is well and I cant wait to see what you guys have been updating with your blogs.

xoxo Jen Jen

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Kim kardashian-ish look

Obviously Im not comparing myself to Kim herself. This is a new look for me. Normally I dont wear my hair parted in the middle or rock a smokey eye.

I Bought new nail polish and im so excited.

 The one above is Nail art.  Sinful colors brand, color is called- Me First
The one above is the same brand called lets meet.
They only cost $1.99 in walgreens. I change my nail color so often that I dont even invest a lot of money into nailpolishes. I'll update with a picture tonight =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day to Night

Here are some examples on how you can turn a day outfit into a night out on the town appropriate.

Lace tank ($8), floral sandals ($12), and blue bodycon skirt ($10) are from Ross. Clutch ($2) is from the thrift store.
Total: $32.00

Black Lace long sleeve shirt is from Forever 21 ($13.50), Shoes is from T.J. Maxx ($25)  faux pearls ($6)are from body central and blue bodycon skirt ($10) is from Ross
Total: $54.50

Tank top ($8) is from Forever 21, Shorts ($12) are from Ross, Sandals ($12) are from Charlotte Russe and Bag ($15) is from H&M.
Total: $47
Shirt ($5) sale rack at Charlotte Russe, Shoes ($20) are also from Charlotte Russe, Shorts ($12) are from Ross and Clutch ($2) is from the thrift store.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I appreciate all the comments but I dont know how to respond back. Whats the best way?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Skirts for the Summer of 2011

  • Forever 21-Black and White skirt (The top left hand corner)
  • Ross Stores-Navy blue bodycon tier skirt (Bottom left hand corner)
  • Ross Stores-Black and White striped bodycon skirt (Top right hand corner)
  • T.J. Maxx-Black bodycon tier skirt with silver zip up (Bottom right hand corner)
  • H&M- Tan and Black spotted bodycon skirt (Middle bottom)

All under $20 each.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good News Guys, Im getting a new camera this saturday!

This means that I will be able to post more high quality pictures of my outfits, shopping hauls and hair styles. Yay! I use to have 3 camera at one point and they all broke on me.

Camera A- Red Sony camera I received as a gift. Halloween '08 I went to Tampa for a party and had my camera hanging from my wrist. As i closed my car door, the camera slipped in between the door and car. BAM! No more screen.

Camera B- Blue Kodak camera I bought on a whim before a trip to Tampa. (see the pattern) I bought it on sale, which could explain the very short life. Long story short, it gave out on me for no valid reason.

Camera C- Black Touchscreen Nikon- Ex Fiancee dropped my coach clutch in which it was being carried in. (sigh) Yes I know.

Im purchasing a pre-owned camera so if this one doesn't last long, At least Im not out of much.

See you guys next weekend IN COLOR!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sale Sale Sale.... Urban Outfitters

 I love almost anything from urban outfitters, I wanted to practically buy the entire sale section. Since my pockets wont allow me to do such things, the items below are my favorite.

BDG Turtleneck Sweater Dress
Was $58.00 Now $14.99
What I would wear this with:
Knee high riding boots preferably in a burnt orange, really channel the '70's era.
(For $14.99 you can afford to purchase this now and keep in your closet until the fall season comes around)
Was $59.00 Now $44.99
What I would wear this with:
Think differently. Pair this sexy lace romper with some rain boots. Take a cloudy day and make it a little more brighter.

Was $59.00 Now $19.99
What I would wear this with:
Strapless white shirt, Jean vest, and  red t-strap sandals. Classic combo.

Was $49.00 Now $14.99
What I would wear this with:
Floral wedges would pair up nicely with linen shorts with a black and white striped tanks, sorta of like the model has on pictured above. Breezy and light.

Was $49.00 Now $29.99
Anything and everything. Use your imagination you guys!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I went shopping today.

I didn't buy much because I had no intentions of buying, more of just looking (I don't even know why I lie to myself anymore) I ended up buying two full and complete outfits. I will update with pictures later.

Price Vs. Label

If I had it my way I would probably shop on 5th Ave or in exclusive boutiques all over NYC, where a shirt would probably be the cost  of one day pay for me. Unfortunately for me I don't live in that kind of world and will have to make due with what I have. Which comes to my next point, Does it really matter exactly where you buy your clothes? Are labels what makes one person more fashionably than the next? I'd admit I smile at just the mere thought of being able to go into a Louis Vuitton store, blindly pick out any item my little heart desires without having to worry about how I'm going to eat for the next two weeks. But just because you can afford luxurious items does not make you more fashionable. I shop everyday at stores you can find at any mall in any state,  just because we may not be able to shop like celebrities at least we could feel like one in our own right. Its not where you buy your clothes but how you wear it. If all you can afford are items from Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters (Widely popular amongst young adults) the most important idea is make your originality shines through. Ask yourself how can you wear this shirt so that its different from the way everyone else is wearing it? My opinion is either is option is OK but having a mixture of both affordable pieces and higher end brands is even better.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I tried a new hairstyle, I wish I couldve taken a pic of the back.

Sorry for the quality. Camera phone.

How to: Jean Burmuda Shorts

Ever had a pair of jeans sitting in ur closet that you just cannot seem to part with. Maybe it cause they fit really well on top but flare out at the bottom (eww!) or maybe its cause you bought them a little too long and have been trailing under your soles? Why throw them away when you can find ways to re-invent them? This is one of easiest way to turn an older pair of jeans from old and shabby to new and sheek. If you dont know how, good thing you've kept reading past the first sentence because im here to teach you. And its needle and thread free!

Things you will need:
  • an older pair of jeans in decent condition
  • fabric cutting scissors (or any scissor that will cut a straight line w/o ripping the fabric)
  • an iron
  • a small tip marker
1st Step:
 Lay out a pair of Jeans on the floor. Make sure the the length and waist seams match up. You do not want to have one leg longer than the other/
2nd Step:
Mark a line to about the length you would prefer you bermuda. Remember to make the mark a little longer then where you would want it to sit on your leg. If its easier for you, put the jeans on and mark them in front of a mirror. Dont forget to mark both pant leg on each side of the seam.
3rd Step:
Cut below the line. If you cut above you dont give yourself enough wiggle room for error. Make sure earch pant leg is even in length.
4th Step:
Roll up each leg evenly. (The jeans that are pictured were rolled up twice, each roll about an inch wide.) Press a hot iron ( A duh!) on each fold for about 5 secs.

Try them on =)

I paired mine with some sneakers from H&M

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Review: Fashion Design Course by Steven Faerm

This is my new favorite book and will become my fashion encyclopedia. This book is everything you need to know about the fundamentals of clothes. The beginning of the book starts off as a small fashion designer lesson, different fashion careers, then transitions to the basics of fashion design. Although I have no intention of becoming a designer it is still very important to know the structure of garments if you want to be any one in the fashion business. This book is a great asset to any collection. Right now my copy belongs to the Orlando Public Library but my very own copy will be in my amazon shopping cart by tomorrow. 

Get your own copy at amazon now
New: $16.21
Used: $13.60

Je T'aime

Je T'aime

Je T'aime by ItzJenJen featuring retro tank tops

Prints on Prints have been a fashion faux pas for almost as long as I can remember....until now. There are not many rules when it comes to originality but there more than enough when it comes to fashion to make up for it. More often than not, many people seem to come across a common problem shopping, "I love it but how do I wear it?"  In my early days of shopping, i remember letting a lot of awesome statement pieces slip out of my grasp because I simply didn't know how to wear that item, where to wear it or never wearing it because it didn't match anything in my closet. This is where learning to utilize a item to create different looks becomes your go to plan, especially creating print on print looks. The 3 looks I posted above is meant to ease a person into being comfortable with adding a print top with a print bottom.

1. The Middle Child- This look is for the girl who doesn't like to color exactly inside of the lines but wouldn't want to stray too far from the basic picture. All of the colors within this outfit are neutral which helps the ensemble  become visually appealing to the eye. The Cheetah shoes help complete the outfit by tying the brown family from top to bottom plus animal print always brings a bit of spice.

2. Playing it Safe- This look is for the girl who wants to look stunning without bringing too much focus to a specific piece but more of the outfit as a whole. The bright sky blue tank top brings a pop of color to the black and white patterned skirt, while the tan knee high boots brings a soft neutral completing the outfit.

3. The Experimental- This look is for the girl who loves to think outside the norm while adding key pieces that help her relate with Ms. Playing it Safe. Pairing a basic red and white striped top with a printed black and white bottom is a great way to neutralize both prints. Adding  accessories that relates with the shoes is a easy way to pull the entire outfit together.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Top 5 picks shoes for the Summer (Closed Toe Edition)

1. Oxfords are definitely making a come back this season. This style is a great modern twist that brings masculinity with a touch of femininity. Oxfords are not only great for casual events but can also be dressed up nicel.
Forever21 lace up flat $25 -

2. Leopard print is one of my favorite neutrals for all season that add a little spice to my closet. I literally can and will throw these on with almost anything. If put together strategically not only can these flats match well with any color but can work nicely with other prints. 
Pointed toe flat - $17 -
3. Everyone needs a pair of comfortable shoes for the summer and these are it! They offer not only comfort but add an athletic touch for those t-shirt and shorts kind of day. Whether your running errands, meeting a friend for a quick bite to eat or taking your shitzu for a walk, you will have no problem staying in style.
TopShop red shoes $45 -

4. Every time I hear the word, Espadrille, summer always seems to come to mind. Its classic style that personally I am relieved has finally made its way to the 2000 era. The stripes bring a versatile feature compared to a basic plain canvas model. Not to mention they are insanely cheap in places such as H&M.
 Espadrille flat $29 -

5. Last but most definitely not least, the love of my shoes, MOCCASINS. As a person who loves to change their look pretty much every other day, these shoe fits practically any style I'm looking to perfect. Minnetonka are an awesome reliable brand that have perfected the art of moccasins. The bonus: they are sold worldwide and can be find at any small boutique to high end department store.  
Minnetonka shoes $40 -

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My hair.

Every other day I get asked questions about my hair. How I manage to get it they way it is and style it the way I do. 1st things 1st- PRACTICE!! learn your hair. Everyones hair is different and may need to use their tools differently and for a different time amount as well as use different products. Get comfortable with knowing how long your curls typically stay bouncy or how long your hair can stay straight throughout the day. Secondly, research. I YouTube all day everyday. You may not be able to use the same exact techniques but once you know the fundamentals you can tweak it so it works for your hair. Last but not least experiment. My suggestion is at nighttime. At the end of the day is always better but you get a better judgement on how long you hair is gonna stay in place for and you get to really examine whether it looks awesome or not.

My Looks
My beachy wave look-
I change my hair length every few weeks especially with my bangs. My bangs were about to the bottom of the tip of my nose. I used a medium size round brush and brushed it up with a blow dryer. I took the brush and placed it on top of my bangs and curled it over not under. Works perfectly for side swept bangs.
With the rest of my hair, I used a very small amount of hair glue to each section of my hair intended to cul indivdually. I applied to only the middle to the end part of my curl. Do not place on the roots since you will not be curling the root. I then used a curling iron (2 inch barrel) I do not have specific way of curling with the iron, whichever best for you.

 My Bohemian look-
i know its hard to tell how the bottom of my hair looks since its blended in with my shirt. This will probably be the only time you will see my hair parted in the middle in not on the side. My bangs are probably the foucs of this look ( as always) but i'll get to that in a second. I think its best you know that I cut my own hair. I know how I want my layers and how they work will when I dont want my hair straight.  With that being said, I stragetically placed my layers so that when I just curled the ends they give my hair a full bouncy look. Thats it guys, All i did is curl my ends. if you dont have layers this will not work for you. I originally started in trying to create side bangs. I seperated my bangs and curl the ends with my 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron. I then slowly seperated my bangs to each side until i felt comfortable with the part in my hair. I then used a small round brush and brush the curl away from the part. The only product I used was hairpray at the very end. Remember never have the hairspray within an inch of your head. Its suppose to create a mist over the piece of hair or your head. If you spray too close it will dry up clumpy and flakey.

Loose curlers-
My hair at this time was up to the middle of my back ( I know pretty long) I didnt have many layers in my hair at this time just at the ends in where they were growing out. I used a Chi Straightner you can get at any hair beauty supply store. For tight curls I used smaller sectionsof hair but if you have thin hair who wouldnt have to use smaller sections. I curl my hair bottom up, so I divide the bottom part of my head and pin the top whiling working my way up. With each section of hair, I place the straightner at the top and pull it down to about the middle of my hair ( or however long you want the curl) I then direct the straighter toward me and flip the hair coming out the other end of the straightner toward me. Then I slowly rotate the straightner toward me while sliding it down through the rest of my hair. Toward the end I usually have it placed horizontally and kinda of using it like a curlng iron. This is my BEST description but guys its really hard to describe. =)  Im going to post some youtube links that show this technique for those who are visual.

The Farrah look-

So Since the last picture My hair was chopped off a few inches of hair and wayyyyy more layers. For this look I did exactly what I did in the last picture except I started curling my hair almost from the root of my hair vs. the middle. With my bangs I parted it to the side, used a small round brush and curled it upwards. (Toward the sky!) Make sure the brush is tight around your hair so you can get the real 70's Farrah Fawcett Look. Always hairspray at the end. =)

My Favorite Youtube tutorial pages for hair:

Comfort is style

I know where your first thought is headed with this headline and its not the most obvious answer or maybe it is but its never really talked about. Anyone can curl their hair, master the art of makeup or buy the most beautiful dress in season but what many find hard is being comfortable in their own skin. I love fashion and anything that has to do with it but i find myself struggling over and over again with being comfortable with myself. The most gorgeous ensemble you can find that's in all seasons is confidence. Its becoming more and more under-rated with how materialistic our world and generation has become. This I am in need of working on with myself. So I'm starting with a one month plan which I hope to eventually turn into a lifestyle, One step at a time.
  • Gym at least 4x a week. No excuses.
  • If resorted to each fast food, must pick the healthiest option on the menu.
  • Washing my face EVERY night, tired or not
  • Set up appointments to dermatologist and doctors. Health should always take a front seat in my life. ( Yet, its the 4th thing on my list.)
  • Prioritizing whats important in my life
  • Treatments on my hair from all the stress it has endured from heat and dye
  • Dying my hair dark brown and leaving it that way for a couple of months. Let my natural color surface.
Let the journey begin.....